Cell Layout Options and Dimensions

Layout Options:

Chase A-Rear Access

Connections for HVAC plumbing and electric are easily accomplished at the outer rear wall of the cell. This layout is designed specifically for projects that call for cells to go into existing buildings. The modular units are installed leaving a service walkway between the rear of the cell and the wall of the facility. The units may also be installed back to back leaving the service walkway between the two lines of cells.

Chase B-Front Access

Chase doors at the front of the cell allow for simple site connections. This layout is designed for new construction.

Design Options

The Mark Modular System offers units for all levels of security, from minimum security dormitories to maximum security segregation cells. Units range in size from single-occupancy cells to twenty-person dormitories.

Equipment Options

  1. Maximum Security Fluorescent Light Fixture
  2. Stainless Steel Mirror and Frame
  3. GFI Duplex Outlet
  4. Security Flush Mounted Push Button Switch
  5. Bunk Wall Mounted 77″ x 28″
  6. Rear Window 5″ x 54″
  7. Combination Sink and Toilet
  8. Desk, Wall Mounted 36″ x 18″
  9. Stool, Wall Mounted
  10. Customized Security Floor
  11. Safety Clothes Hook
  12. Food Pass
  13. Sliding Door (Manual or Electric)
  14. Swing Door ( Manual or Electric)
  15. Closed Circuit TV Mount
  16. Four Hour Fire Rating

The Mark Guarantee:

Security and Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a government official responsible for creating a 1 to 2500 bed facility, an architect who designs the project, or a contractor who builds it – whatever your particular needs, you’ll meet them better when you specify the Mark Modular System in your next corrections project.

Chase A-Rear Access

Chase B-Front Access


Cell Size A B C D E Height
60 Sq. Ft. 10′-5″ 7′-6¼” 2′-6″ 3′-2¾” 9″ 8′-6″
70 Sq. Ft. 11′-5¾” 7′-6¼” 2′-6″ 3′-2¾” 9″ 8′-6″
80 Sq. Ft. 12′-11¾” 7′-6¼” 2′-6″ 3′-2¾” 9″ 8′-6″
90 Sq. Ft. 14′-0½” 7′-6¼” 2′-6″ 3′-2¾” 9″ 8′-6″
100 Sq. Ft. 15′-6½” 7′-6¼” 2′-6″ 3′-2¾” 9″ 8′-6″
107 Sq. Ft. 16′-7¼” 7′-6¼” 2′-6″ 3′-2¾” 9″ 8′-6″